Next course running in Andalucia, Spain

March~April 2018

Build your own guitar, 4 week intensive.

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I will be running a 4 week course in guitar-making in Andalucía where students will be able to build their very own guitar whilst immersing themselves in the local culture. We will be interacting with local flamenco musicians and there is always the opportunity to study the language and learn flamenco also. Accomodation and can be provided as part of the course. Open to everyone and there is no need to speak spanish.

Please e-mail me to be put on my mailing list and you will receive information about this event.


Edward started working on his small body Torres guitar this week. He will be using Yew for the back and sides and Cedar soundboard. Currently working on the rosette…welcome to the workshop Ed!

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 Brad , from Queensland, Australia has just finished making his first instrument. A rosewood and cedar Concert Classical. Brad made the entire instrument except for the rosette (he opted to use a pre-made one to save time) in 6 weeks under my tuition. The result is another fine concert instrument. As well as learning new skills you also get to take home a professional sounding guitar when you attend one of my luthiery training courses. Brad plans to continue making instruments. Well done Brad!

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Will finishes his flamenco guitar

Will, from Blackawton, Devon has just finished his superb flamenco guitar. This is a truly unique instrument made from local woods. The body is made from local Yew and the rosette and end-graft are solid Oak burr. Will opted for the use of traditional tuning pegs. They actually work a treat and I believe he is pleased with their ease of use. The guitar has a European Spruce soundboard so the sound will improve with age, although it already sounds sweet. The Yew imparts a clarity and refinement to the higher frequencies in my view, giving a bright sound overall. The guitar was made in around 5 months part-time. Will did all the work under my tuition with exception of the fret-board which he bought pre-slotted. Well done Will!

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1 month intensive with Sterling

Sterling from Colorado, U.S.A. has recently completed a Concert Torres Guitar on a one month intensive course with me. During this time we worked together on his instrument. I like to encourage my student’s creativity so he was able to make his own rosette. decoration and headstock to his own chosen design. To keep us to our deadline of one month we used some components I had already made such as the back, sides and neck. The project had a very organic feel  as we worked together for most of it, using the materials which happened to be in the workshop at the time (back and sides are Mexican Cypress I’ve had since my time there 10 years ago.)  By the end  Sterling had made a very fine sounding Concert Classical Guitar to the design of our master Antonio Torres. The sound was astonishing…clear,powerful, sweet trebles, very responsive and able to be played very loud as well as softly. Well done Sterling!Andy Nov2013 1464Andy Nov2013 1456Andy Nov2013 1459





By local luthier Andy Davidson

Native tonewoods, Luthiery training, Classical, Flamenco, Historical & Contemporary instruments


Saturday Dec.7th

10 am – 5 pm

Free entry

Ph. 07914 805970


I offer for sale a selection of native british tonewoods which I cut into guitar sets. I have available Yew, Walnut, Ash, Cherry, Sycamore and Lacewood (London plane) among others.

All my wood is carefully selected, quarter sawn and straight grained (with the exception of yew); I then keep it for a number of years to ensure it is stable before it becomes a  beautiful guitar.

Please contact me for more details.