1 month intensive with Sterling

Sterling from Colorado, U.S.A. has recently completed a Concert Torres Guitar on a one month intensive course with me. During this time we worked together on his instrument. I like to encourage my student’s creativity so he was able to make his own rosette. decoration and headstock to his own chosen design. To keep us to our deadline of one month we used some components I had already made such as the back, sides and neck. The project had a very organic feel  as we worked together for most of it, using the materials which happened to be in the workshop at the time (back and sides are Mexican Cypress I’ve had since my time there 10 years ago.)  By the end  Sterling had made a very fine sounding Concert Classical Guitar to the design of our master Antonio Torres. The sound was astonishing…clear,powerful, sweet trebles, very responsive and able to be played very loud as well as softly. Well done Sterling!Andy Nov2013 1464Andy Nov2013 1456Andy Nov2013 1459